Airport Regulations

Airport Regulations are documents that are intended to ensure the proper and safe use of airports by describing the rules and procedures associated with the tasks and duties of each individual present at the airport itself. 

The reference standard requires that these regulations be adopted at all national airports. 

The airport operator is responsible for the tasks required by art. 705 of the Italian Navigation Code, in particular those of administering and managing the airport's infrastructures and facilities, organizing its activities and providing the airport's users with the necessary ground handling services, either by offering them directly or else by coordinating the activities of third parties.

The Airport Regulations are to be prepared by the Airport Operator, taking into account the characteristics and peculiarities of the specific airport, based on a format agreed upon in advance with the competent office of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (Enac).

The Airport Regulations are then adopted by Ordinance of the same office of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (Enac).