Airside Driving Certificate

The national and international regulations require that drivers of vehicles used for airside purposes, in addition to having a valid civilian driver's license, must also be in possession of the appropriate driving certificate issued by the Airport's Operator.

This certificate, known as an ADP, or Airside Driving Permit, certifies that the holder has successfully completed a training program designed to ensure that he/she possesses the theoretical and practical knowledge of the rules of conduct regarding airside vehicular traffic safety.
The training required in order to obtain an ADP is offered by the Airport Operator via its own human resources and facilities.
An ADP is not a replacement for a valid driver's license, which remains the only valid document in terms of identifying the holder's technical, physical and mental capacities, as well as the categories of vehicles he/she is authorized to drive.

In order to apply for an airside driving certificate, please contact