Badge Issuance

Anyone requiring access to the airport for business or visitation purposes, whether on a temporary or continuous basis, needs to have an identification badge bearing their credentials in order to gain access to the various areas of the airport.

A visit is to be understood as:

  • any training activity associated with the tasks performed or to be performed in the future within the areas of the airport, for which access is required in order to gain knowledge and familiarity with the area in question, or
  • any information/education activity, including escorted visits, for visitors who need to gain knowledge and understanding of the airport's operations for specific reasons. This does not include school visits,  tourism initiatives or other similar activities.

These badges are issued by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (Enac) via the badge issuance office present in the Airport Terminal, which is open  every day H24.
For more information please contact:

Ufficio Tesseramento:Tel 030 9656713  or  Ufficio Operativo : 030 9656530

The badges are issued for a fee (see the attached price list) and are available in two types:

a) the permanent badge, valid for up to a maximum of 5 years, for those working on an ongoing basis, the issuance of which is subject to the applicant attending a course on airport security awareness, held by a Certified ENAC Instructor.

b) the visitor's badge, valid one day only, for those who occasionally need to gain access to the airport areas for special and unforeseen reasons, whether for work or visitation purposes. In this case, the visitor must always be accompanied by airport personnel already in possession of a permanent badge.

The badge issuance office is also in charge of issuing airside driving certificates and vehicle access passes.

For additional information, please contact:

TEL. 030 9656713     

E-mail address:


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