Brescia airport, highly specialized on air cargo branch, is able to face the market demand in a quick, efficient and flexible way.
Moreover it offers a wide range of innovative services able to meet market needs by providing specific solutions to process any goods, perishable and special cargo included.
The continual growth of cargo activities, begun in 2004, places Brescia airport among the first six Italian airports with regard to mail & cargo transport, with  40.000 tonnes of goods processed.
Brescia airport is the hub for the Italian Mail (with air links: 18 daily flights and road links: 34 daily trips).
Brescia airport is characterized by 3.000 meter runway and more than 11.000 sqm covered warehouse.
Brescia airport uses HERMES cargo handling system. 

Geographic position

Brescia airport is strategically located in the center of northern Italy, one of the most important industrial and economic areas of Europe.
Its geographic position and proximity to the main motorway network ensures a rapid link within Northen Italy and direct accessibility to central Europe.
Moreover, its location is well suited for intercontinental transit and ideally located to attract traffic from the emerging growth poles of the European economy.

Distances (in kilometers):

 463 km  Brescia-Frankfurt  767 km
Brescia-Zurich  390 km  Brescia-Milan  95 km
Brescia-Paris  955 km  Brescia-Turin  245 km
Brescia-Milano Malpensa  153km  Brescia-Bologna  198 km
Brescia-Venezia  180 km  Brescia-Bozen  185 km