Vip Lounge SKY SUITE

The exclusive services of Brescia Airport

A strategic position in the centre of one of the most highly competitive economic basins in Europe. A brand new structure. A “tailor-made” service designed to fit the passenger. The Brescia Montichiari airport boasts a VIP Lounge Sky Suite that covers 200 square metres: a luminous and quiet place where passengers can wait for their flights.

Aircraft assistance is provided by certified personnel using the latest ramp equipment, but without the long waits typical of heavily trafficked hubs, yet at the same time just a short distance from two important cities in this zone: the ideal option for your travels.

Situated just a 40-minute drive from Milan, this is the best alternative for reaching the capital city of Lombardy without having to deal with traffic, thanks to the new Brebemi motorway that connects the airport to Milan. From the Brescia airport it is also easy to reach the Expo Milano 2015 grounds.
Just a few kilometres from Lake Garda, the largest fresh water lake in Italy, and the Franciacorta vineyards, some of the most prestigious in Europe, the Brescia Montichiari Airport is located in the heart of a territory brimming with charm and culture, offering daily opportunities to combine travel with moments of relaxation, sport, culture, and shopping.